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Temperature Sensors

With a compact sensor head that requires no emissivity setting and an unlimited detecting distance, this easy-to-operate and high performance digital infrared temperature sensor has fast responsiveness and highly repeatable detection.

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FT series - Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor

FT Series digital infrared temperature sensors are designed to provide wide temperature detecting ranges, high responsiveness, long detecting distances, and easy installation and settings. The thickness of the far-infrared resonance film of the thermopile (array of thermocouples) used for temperature detection is reduced as much as possible to allow efficient thermocouple arrangement. This makes quick and reliable detection of absorbed heat possible and improves the response speed of the thermopile. The lineup is available in two types: high temperature models and mid to low temperature models. Since the detection area can be checked visually with a visible laser beam, it is easy to align the sensor position during installation. The current temperature of the target can be input directly on the amplifier unit. This eliminates the work needed to set emissivity for each target.

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