Digital Microscopes

A microscope that can observe uneven surfaces and 3D objects with clear images thanks to its large depth of field and long observation distance. Together with a model that uses a full control system to provide high-resolution observation that rivals an SEM, this lineup includes entry models equipped with frequently used functions. Dedicated lenses that bring out the best performance of microscopes are also available.

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VHX-7000 series - Digital Microscope

The VHX-7000 Series is a fully-automated system that enables even novice users to capture high-resolution images that rival an SEM. The Optical Shadow Effect Mode features a combination of specially designed high-resolution lenses, a 4K CMOS, and high-performance lighting that enables minute surface details to be observed and analyzed. The seamless transition in magnification from 20x to 6000x using a motorized turret offers a stress-free observation environment. The VHX-7000 Series 4K digital microscope offers the highest level of automation and best picture quality in the VHX Series.

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VHX-F series - Digital Microscope

The VHX-F Series is an all-in-one system for observing, capturing images, and measuring. This entry model offers several features that make observation and analysis faster and more accurate than conventional optical microscopes. The 20x larger depth of field and free-angle observation allow samples to be observed and imaged from any angle. Despite being an entry-level model, the VHX-F Series is also equipped with multi-lighting, depth composition, and 3D imaging that produces fully-focused images, even on objects with uneven surfaces.

VH lens series - Digital Microscope Lenses

The VH lens series features high-performance lenses that bring the best observation and imaging out of microscopes. Our lenses have an exceptionally high numerical aperture, up to 0.9, and in combination with the 4K CMOS can identify features as small as 210 nm. To meet all observation needs, KEYENCE's lens lineup includes a high-resolution head & lens combo equipped with a 20x to 6000x zoom function, an ultra-small, high-performance zoom lens that supports handheld observation, and a universal lens that achieves brightfield, darkfield, polarized, and differential interference contrast observation with just one unit.

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