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VHX-7000 series

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Digital Microscope VHX-7000 series

Images Have Never Been Clearer

  • Adopted by over 20,000 companies worldwide
  • Delivering images that rival an SEM
  • 4K CMOS image sensor delivers highest resolution
  • Automatic zoom from 20× to 6000×
  • Full-control system enables even novice users to capture optimal images
  • Advanced 2D/3D measurement with just a click
  • Automatic contamination analysis/Grain size measurement
  • Observe and instantly identify materials/One-click elemental analysis

VHX-7000 series - Digital Microscope

The VHX-7000 Series is a fully-automated digital microscope system that enables even novice users to capture high-resolution images that rival an SEM. The Optical Shadow Effect Mode features a combination of specially designed high-resolution lenses, a 4K CMOS, and high-performance lighting that enables minute surface details to be observed and analyzed. The seamless transition in magnification from 20x to 6000x using a motorized turret offers a stress-free observation environment. The VHX-7000 Series 4K industrial digital microscope offers the highest level of automation and best picture quality in the VHX Series. All these features and more add up to make it the best digital microscope on the market.


The Value of VHX-7000

Large-depth of Field

The VHX-7000 Series has a depth of field that is 20 times greater than conventional optical microscopes. KEYENCE designs the lenses, cameras and graphic engine in-house, enabling observation with an optimal balance of depth and brightness. Even novice users can capture high resolution images with ease.

Visualize Texture Previously Unseen by Optical Microscopes

High-definition imaging makes it possible to observe subtle contours and uneven surfaces or stains that were previously impossible to view.

Optical Shadow Effect Mode

4K Fully-Integrated Head

Wide-variety of 2D and 3D Measurements

Multiple images of a surface can be captured at different Z-planes, making it possible to collect a fully-focused 3D image of the target that can be used to perform 3D measurements.
Particle counting, grain size analysis, and contamination analysis can be automatically calculated, ensuring even novice users can perform complex measurements correctly.

3D measurement

Contamination analysis compliant with ISO 16232 and VDA 19