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VHX-X1 series

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Digital Microscope VHX-X1 series

New The Most Comprehensive Microscope Solution for Imaging and Analysis

  • Visualize every surface detail with automated lighting optimization
  • Capture details that other microscopes overlook
  • Identify differences between parts automatically
  • Scalable capabilities to meet your application requirements

VHX-X1 series - Digital Microscope

Our flagship model within the VHX Series, this microscope delivers highest-in-class resolution with new lighting and imaging modes to bring out even the most subtle surface details. With fully-motorized operation, this system supports a wide range of imaging and analysis capabilities including elemental analysis, metallurgical analysis with new high-resolution objectives and software, a 300 mm stage for wafers and other large parts, and functions for image comparisons and automation.


Visualize Every Surface Detail With Automated Lighting Optimization

The Search Lighting function will adjust how a sample is illuminated in real-time in order to bring out subtle surface features.

Capture Details That Other Microscopes Overlook

Combining lighting from multiple directions allows for clear observation of subtle surface conditions that were impossible to see with optical microscopes until now.

Conventional models


Identify Differences Between Parts Automatically

By evaluating changes in luminance and hue, images can be compared against a primary image to quickly display differences. These differences are shown as variations in color according to the degree of change, making sure you never miss any details.

Object comparison

*Cutting tool (15×)

Comparison result

Scalable Capabilities to Meet Your Application Requirements

A variety of stands, stages, objectives, and analysis tools are available to accommodate your current and future inspection needs.