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Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor

FT series

Non-Contact Surface Temperature Inspection


Obvious detection range with visible laser pointers

FT Series: Product Features

The FT Series is equipped with two laser pointers* that clearly indicate the detection range, simplifying installation.
*Class: FDA Class 1, JIS Class 1, IEC Class 1

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Varied lineup with detection at distances of up to 3000mm

Depending on the application, an increased distance between the target and the sensor may be necessary.
With several sensor head options available - from small beam spot to long range—the FT Series can be used in a wide variety of installation environments.

High Temperature Model: 32 to 2462°F(0 to 1350°C) - Ultra long range FT-H50K / Mid-range FT-H40K , Med to Low Temperature Models: 32 to 932°F(0 to 500°C) - Ultra long range FT-H50 / Long range FT-H30 / Mid-range FT-H20 / Small beam spot FT-H10

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Usable in harsh conditions with a resistant air purge box

Made of zinc die-casting, this robust box offers air purge functionality to meet elevated environmental resistance requirements such as in areas prone to steam, smoke, dust, oil mist, or high temperatures.

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Easily configure emissivity to account for specific targets

Configuring emissivity for a specific target material is simple, with only two steps required. Emissivity can be calculated and set automatically just by entering the measured temperature of a target. If the emissivity is known, it can be entered directly.

Step 1 // Enter the value (emissivity or surface temperature) , Step 2 // Press [SET] (to set or configure automatically)

Emissivity not known - Temperature displayed on thermometer / Enter the measured temperature of the target. , Known emissivity - Enter the emissivity directly.

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