Detection based on “Changes in Eddy Current”
Features of Inductive Proximity Sensors


Detecting metal only

Detecting metal only

Inductive proximity sensors can only detect metal targets.
They do not detect non-metal targets such as plastic, wood, paper, and ceramic. Unlike photoelectric sensors, this allows a inductive proximity sensor to detect a metal object through opaque plastic.

Excellent environmental resistance

Excellent environmental resistance

Inductive Proximity Sensors are durable. For example, all KEYENCE sensor head models satisfy the IP67 requirements by sealing the inside with filling material or other measures.
Since these sensors only detect metal objects, the detection is not affected by accumulated dust or oil splash on the sensor head.



Two-wire type inductive proximity sensors allow simplified wiring and can be used for both NPN and PNP circuits.
Another advantage is that their current consumption is extremely low such as 1 mA (EV Series).


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