Ultra High Speed Sensing Ionizer Hybrid Type

SJ-E series

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Ultra High Speed Sensing Ionizer Hybrid Type SJ-E series

New Optimum Static Elimination and Energy-Saving Capabilities

Fast static elimination, easy maintenance, and reduced air consumption.

SJ-E series - Ultra High Speed Sensing Ionizer Hybrid Type

Eliminate static electricity for a target area of up to 3000 mm (118.11″) at an installation distance of 300 mm (11.81″) to 1500 mm (59.06″). The energy-saving design reduces running costs by 60%. The SJ-E Series is KEYENCE’s flagship static eliminator.


The Three Technologies That Support Our Ability to Provide Optimum Static Elimination with the Lowest Air Volume in the World

By using the first supersonic structure ever developed in the history of ionizers, KEYENCE has increased the speed of ions past the speed of sound, which makes the fastest static elimination in the world possible with an extremely low air volume.

Optimum Static Elimination & Energy Saving

We have used de Laval nozzles, which are used in supersonic jet engine technology, in the electrode probes to realize our supersonic structure. The air speed exceeds the speed of sound, which enabled us to rapidly improve the speed at which ions attach to the target. In addition, the shape of the electrode probes, which makes use of fluid mechanics, pulls in the surrounding air to increase the air volume. These two technologies are what enable static elimination at high speeds and over a wide range with the lowest air volume in the world.

The Highly Functional Remote Control Makes the Status of the Ionizer Visible

We have recently developed a highly functional remote control that enables bidirectional communication with our ionizers. This remote control provides you with the static elimination status and alarm information in the palm of your hand. What's more, it enables you to easily configure operation settings such as detailed ionizer adjustments and electrostatic charge monitor sensitivity settings.