Specs Telecentric Green Laser Marker MD-T series






Main unit (controller)

Main unit (head)

PC software

MB-H2D3-DVD Supported OS*1: Windows 10/7/Vista (SP1 or higher)/XP (SP3 or higher), Supported languages: Japanese/English/Chinese*2/German

PC software (Logo designer)

MB-HLD Supported OS : Windows 7/Vista (SP1 or higher) /XP (SP3 or higher),
Supported languages: Japanese/English/Chinese*2/German



Marking laser


YVO4 laser, Class 4 Laser Product (IEC60825-1, FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10 *3)


532 nm


4W (at 30kHz)

Guide laser

Semiconductor laser, Class 2 Laser Product (IEC60825-1, FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10 *3), Wavelength 655nm, Output 1.0mW

Marking area

80 x 80 mm 3.15" x 3.15"

Standard working distance

189 mm 7.44"

Q-switch frequency

1 to 400kHz

Spot variable width

±5 mm ±0.20"

Marking resolution

2 µm 0.08 Mil

Scan speed

Max. 12000 mm/s

Character type


Original fonts (numbers, alphabet, Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji)/user fonts/True Type fonts/
Dot font (SEMI single-density/SEMI double-density)



2D code

QR code /Micro QRcode/DataMatrix (ECC200)/GS1 DataMatrix

GS1 DataBar

GS1 DataBar/GS1 DataBar CC-A/GS1 DataBar Stacked/GS1 DataBar Stacked CC-A/
GS1 DataBar Limited/GS1 DataBar Limited CC-A

Logo image

Custom character font/logo data DXF/BMP/JPEG/PNG/TIF

Machinery operation

Fixed point/straight line/dashed line/circle/oval


Single cut/L-shaped cut/multi-plunge/serpentine/free line/specify end point/relative shift

Marking conditions

Workpiece style

Stationary marking

Character size (marking height/width)

0.01 to 80 mm 0.0004" to 3.15"

No. of registered programs

Max. 2000 programs

No. of program blocks

256 blocks

I/O (Input/output)

Terminal block I/O/MIL connector I/O


RS-232C/RS-422A/USB2.0*4 /Ethernet (100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)

CF memory card slot

Compact flash memory card*5 only

Head installation direction

Up and down (vertical)

Head cable length

5 m 16.4'

Cooling method

Air cooling, thermoelectric cooling


Power voltage

100 to 120 VAC/200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

550 VA max.

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature for storage

-10 to +60 °C 14 to 140 °F (No freezing)

Ambient temperature

+15 to +35 °C 59 to 95 °F

Relative humidity

30 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


Controller: 23 kg
Console: 2.0 kg

Marking head unit: 35 kg
Console: 2.0 kg

*1 For Windows 10/7/Vista, the 32-bit or 64-bit versions are supported, for XP only the 32-bit version is supported. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A.
*2 For Chinese, simplified Chinese display is supported and Chinese input is not supported.
*3 The laser classification for FDA (CDRH) is implemented based on IEC60825-1 in accordance with the requirements of Laser Notice No.50.
*4 Port dedicated for PC software
*5 SanDisk cards are recommended.

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