3D Interference Measurement Sensor

Capturing images using 3D white light interferometry enables nearly instantaneous 3D measurement, perfect for use in production or offline inspection. Coaxial image capture eliminates dead zones and offers the best method for collecting 3D images from transparent or mirrored surfaces.

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WI-5000 series - 3D Interference Measurement Sensor

The WI-5000 Series 3D interference measurement sensors capture a 3D image of target areas of up to 10 x 10 mm (0.39" × 0.39") in just 0.13 seconds. The sensor records 80,000 height data points across the surface simultaneously to perform high-accuracy measurement of height, coplanarity, and even surface roughness (Sa and Sz). By utilizing white light interferometry to capture images, the sensor can employ coaxial surface measurement, eliminating dead zones that prevent accurate measurement in grooves and other shapes with sharp height changes. The measurement principle enables accurate, repeatable 3D measurements on nearly any surface type, including transparent or mirrored targets. While its speed makes it ideal for inline measurements, an adjustable stand is also available, allowing users to capitalize on the same quick, automatic measurements for both inline and offline inspections.

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