3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker MD-F series

Impressive Marking Capability

High-power fiber laser technology provides major reductions in marking time.
The compact size and rugged construction ensure that the devices can be installed in any environment.

MD-F series - 3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

MD-F fiber laser markers are high-powered machines designed for deep engraving and high-speed processing. 3-Axis scanning and on-the-fly focal adjustments give the MD-F series a leg-up over conventional laser engravers.


  • Steel engine blocks

  • Steel bearings

  • Vehicle body frames

  • Aluminum cans


3-Axis Scanner Control

Conventional fiber lasers suffer from sub-optimal scanner controls, which directly affects their marking time and quality. MD-F laser markers optimize their scanner movement, providing better marks in less time for nearly every application.

Black anneal (wobble)

Vivid black marking is possible without bumps or cracks.

Deep-engraving control

Clear visibility is maintained even when a mark is painted over.

Cutting control (scratch control)

High-speed scanners reduce product distortion caused by heat.

Tough and Safe Marking Head

MD-F laser engravers are sealed off from the environment (IP64 rated) and include a built-in power monitor for easy maintenance. These lasers also boast a fanless design and KEYENCE’s smallest marking head, making the MD-F series robust enough to perform in dirty, dusty, wet and oily environments.

Eliminate Tooling Changes with 3-Axis Technology

Close range / Long range

MD-F laser engravers can adjust their focal distances on the fly thanks to integrated 3-Axis technology. This allows flexible processing of multiple products on a single line.