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3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

MD-F series

Impressive Marking Capability High-power fiber laser technology provides major reductions in marking time. The compact size and rugged construction ensure that the devices can be installed in any environment.


Steel engine blocks

Steel bearings

Vehicle body frames

Aluminum cans

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3-Axis Scanner Control

Conventional fiber lasers suffer from sub-optimal scanner controls, which directly affects their marking time and quality. MD-F laser markers optimize their scanner movement, providing better marks in less time for nearly every application.

Black anneal (wobble)

Vivid black marking is possible without bumps or cracks.

Deep-engraving control

Clear visibility is maintained even when a mark is painted over.

Cutting control (scratch control)

High-speed scanners reduce product distortion caused by heat.

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Tough and Safe Marking Head

Compact, Fanless Marking Head with IP64 Rating

MD-F laser engravers are sealed off from the environment (IP64 rated) and include a built-in power monitor for easy maintenance. These lasers also boast a fanless design and KEYENCE’s smallest marking head, making the MD-F series robust enough to perform in dirty, dusty, wet and oily environments.

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Eliminate Tooling Changes with 3-Axis Technology

MD-F laser engravers can adjust their focal distances on the fly thanks to integrated 3-Axis technology. This allows flexible processing of multiple products on a single line.

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