CIJ for the Food and Beverage Packaging Industry

The food and beverage industry relies heavily on date/lot coding and marking. KEYENCE’s MK-G Series CIJ for the food and beverage packaging industry provides high-quality and accurate coding on their packaging without the downsides of conventional competing printers through usability, uptime advantage and more.

Packaging films

Cardboard boxes

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Liquor labels

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Date Coding for Food and Beverage Packaging


Dairy products require date coding on food packaging for freshness and safety. KEYENCE CIJs for the food and beverage packaging industry increase uptime and easily integrate into packaging lines.

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Printing example

Installation example

Packaged Foods

Packaged foods have strict regulations requiring lot and date coding on food packaging. KEYENCE CIJs print on glass, metal, and plastics (PET, PP, PE) with high speed and accuracy.


Beverage producers must maintain high-speed production. KEYENCE CIJs maintain print quality at speeds over 1,200 cans/bottles p/min, even in challenging environments.

Printing example

Installation example

Baked Goods and Cereal

KEYENCE CIJs enable accurate printing on films, foils, wrappers, clamshells, cardboard, and plastics. The MK-G Series excels in date coding on curved surfaces like cans and bottles.

Candy and Confectionery

Candy and confections are packaged in materials like plastic and cardboard. KEYENCE’s MK-G Series inkjet printers quickly print high-quality date codes on various packaging materials.


Egg cartons need strict date coding on food packaging for FDA compliance. KEYENCE CIJs offer complex code printing and automated cleaning, reducing contamination, downtime, and manual intervention.

Fruits and Vegetables

Consumers prioritize food safety and origin. KEYENCE’s CIJs adapt to temperature changes and automatically wash down the inside of the print head limiting exposure to chemicals to maintain quality, and safety while reducing downtime.

Meat and Poultry

Clear date coding on food packaging is needed for safety and traceability. MK-G Series printers provide remote monitoring and built-in diagnostics, cutting down maintenance staff needs and boosting efficiency.

Pet Food and Animal Feed

Coding solutions are required for retort pouches and chub packs. KEYENCE CIJs for the food and beverage packaging industry boost throughput and reduce waste on curved or flexible packaging.


Accurate expiration dates ensure consumer trust, product quality, and freshness. KEYENCE's CIJ printers offer high-speed, quality printing for snack packaging, supporting 24/7 production demands without compromising quality.

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