CIJ for the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Products Industry

The pharmaceutical and consumer products industry is highly regulated and requires strict adherence to quality standards. Companies in this industry face challenges that can result in delays, errors, and product recalls.

KEYENCE's MK-G Series of CIJ printers offer safe and reliable coding solutions. They easily integrate into facilities with limited space and have a variety of features that specifically benefit the pharmaceutical and consumer products industry.

Glass containers

PET bottles


Form-filled packages

Heat-sealed packages


Applications of Date Coding on Pharmaceutical and Consumer Products Packaging

Cosmetics, Personal Care and Home Care

For products with strict regulations, accurate and legible coding is essential. KEYENCE CIJs integrate seamlessly into production lines, increasing uptime, product safety, and traceability with high-speed capabilities and minimal maintenance.

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Printing example

Installation example

Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

Installation example

Pharmaceutical and medical device packaging have strict global standards for clear lot and pharmaceutical date coding. KEYENCE's world-leading sensing solutions monitor breakpoints for flawless dot quality, delivering consistent print quality with its solvent-based ink system.


Tobacco products need traceability and coding because of regulations and health warnings. KEYENCE’s MK-G Series can withstand harsh tobacco packing environments, featuring automatic cleanings to reduce skilled technician tasks and add protection.


Cannabis legalization has spurred a rapidly growing industry reliant on coding for tracking, traceability, and safety regulations. The MK-G Series provides easy integration and operation for manufacturing facilities, featuring ease of use and built-in diagnostics.

FAQs About CIJ in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Products Packaging Industry

What Are the Key Advantages of Using KEYENCE Continuous Inkjet Printers for the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Product Packaging Industry?

The advantages of using KEYENCE CIJs in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industry are uptime, ease of use, robustness, print quality, reduced running costs, and reduced human interaction (less user error).

What Features Differentiate KEYENCE Continuous Inkjet Printers for the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Product Packaging Industry?

KEYENCE CIJs stand out with industry-first features like a Backup Power Module, MIL standard-compliant impact resistance, Smart Startup, and free printer monitoring network connectivity.

Other features include:

  • Wide range of inks
  • Quick-dry
  • Non-contact
  • Self-troubleshooting
  • Minimal exposure to ink and solvent
  • Remote operations
  • Event recording function

What Impact Do Continuous Inkjet Printers Have on Production Efficiency and Downtime in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Product Packaging Industries?

KEYENCE continuous inkjet printers deliver high-quality, reliable printing of regulatory codes, enhancing safety by reducing chemical exposure for staff and products. This ensures less downtime for more efficient processes.

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