CIJ for Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing presents many challenges for date/lot coding and marking, including harsh environments, high speeds, and a variety of product surfaces.

KEYENCE's MK-G Series CIJs for industrial manufacturing are capable of meeting the toughest coding and marking demands of the industrial sector due to ease of maintenance and cleaning, physical and environmental durability, and rapid, high-quality printing.




Wood products


Plastic containers

Metal containers

Paper bags

Date Coding for Industrial Manufacturing

Construction & Building Materials

This industry requires durable products that adhere to strict safety standards. KEYENCE’s MK-G Series is IP55-rated. The head and controller can withstand dusty environments, ensuring traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Automotive and Aerospace

Date coding for industrial manufacturing is important for traceability and compliance. KEYENCE’s MK-G Series provides high-speed and stable marking solutions for lot numbers, serial numbers, and barcodes, even in harsh environments.

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Electrical Components & Electronics

Electrical components & electronics require specific high-quality information to be displayed in small mark windows. KEYENCE CIJs integrate seamlessly into small applications, offering a micro nozzle that prints with extreme accuracy for semiconductor applications.

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Wire and Cable

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Wires and cables require a variety of markings, including name, size, and rating information to meet safety regulations. KEYENCE CIJs handle continuous production without frequent maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and costs.

Piping & Extruded Materials

Adhesion and print quality is critical for marks on piping and extruded materials. KEYENCE’s MK-G series monitors breakpoints and dot condition 10 times per second to ensure high-quality codes, eliminating rework and scrap.

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Chemical manufacturing relies on CIJs for batch, shift, and industrial date coding. KEYENCE CIJs provide reliable coding in harsh environments, including high-temperatures, dusty and wet conditions. KEYENCE CIJs are designed to withstand these challenging conditions due to their IP55 rating an drop protection.

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FAQs about CIJs for Industrial Manufacturing

What Are the Key Advantages of Using KEYENCE CIJs for Industrial Manufacturing?

The main advantages of CIJs for industrial manufacturing are high uptime, ease of use, durability, print quality, and reduction of running costs and human interaction (less user error).

What Features Differentiate KEYENCE’s Continuous Inkjet Printers for Industrial Manufacturing?

Continuous inkjet printers offer a wide range of inks, backup power modules, a MIL standard-compliant/impact-resistant structure, Smart Startup and event recording functions.

What Impact Do Continuous Inkjet Printers Have on Production Efficiency and Downtime in Industrial Manufacturing?

Due to IP and MIL drop-rated print heads,KEYENCE CIJs perform robustly in dusty or wet conditions and have greater productivity and performance compared to other technologies.

How Do Continuous Inkjet Printers Simplify Marking/Date Coding for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry?

Industrial inkjet printers provide non-contact printing on most substrates with high marking permanence in harsh environments.

What Are the Primary Considerations When Selecting CIJs for Industrial Manufacturing?

CIJ dimensions and ease of integration into the production line are important considerations. Throughput or marking speed is also important, and CIJ printers should also be easy to maintain and clean.

How Do Continuous Inkjet Printers Handle the Challenges of Printing Date Codes on Uneven or Curved Surfaces Commonly Found in Industrial Manufacturing?

The CIJ printer's nozzle can print on uneven or curved surfaces from a distance without touching them, preventing damage to delicate or irregularly shaped objects.

How Do Continuous Inkjet Printers Ensure Compliance with FDA and Other Regulatory Standards for Date Coding on Food Across Ondustrial Manufacturing?

Continuous Inkjet printers reliably print high-quality and accurate date and lot codes to ensure compliance with FDA and other regulator standards.

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