Universal Inkjet Printer

MK-U series

This product has been discontinued.

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Universal Inkjet Printer MK-U series

MK-U series - Universal Inkjet Printer

The MK-U Series Universal Inkjet Printer is the world’s first self-cleaning printer, featuring an auto-shower cleaning function. Conventional continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers required daily head cleaning conducted by operators and it's typically unclear to them which parts should be cleaned and how thoroughly. The self-cleaning printhead has a built-in auto shower function that cleans the entire printhead with the push of a button using 70% less solvent than conventional inkjet printers. This negates the need for manual cleaning and variations in the amount of solvent used for cleaning by different operators, which significantly reduce running costs.


  • Auto-shower cleaning
  • Conditioning tank system
  • Automatic ink particle optimization
  • Maintenance guide
  • Linking with a [CV-X Seires] Vision System


Latest Technology

Intelligent. Automatic. Dependable.

MK-G series - Continuous Inkjet Printer

  • Self-diagnosis followed by automatic cleaning when necessary
  • No need to worry about water exposure
  • Advanced correction of print details simply by scanning text

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