Industry examples:
Food, chemical, and cosmetics industries

Printing manufacture dates, expiration dates, and lot numbers

  • Market trends
  • In recent years, food safety requirements have made it necessary to have manufacturing dates and best by dates printed on food products to protect consumers. Companies are also taking proactive approaches to minimizing risks of sending defective products to customers.

    One of the approach is having lot numbers and serial numbers printed on the products for internal traceability. Additionally, there has also been an increase in using inspection systems such as vision sensors to check the print content and prevent misprinting.

This has led to a growing demand for inkjet printers that are capable of printing with non-contact method, updating date automatically to prevent operator input errors, and are compatible with inspection systems to eliminate the risks of having missing or blurred characters on the products. Inkjet printers can easily be installed on various applications including belt conveyors, packaging machines, and cartoners.


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