Inkjet printing on plastic containers | Food, chemical, and cosmetics industries

Printing expiration dates and lot numbers pudding, yogurt, jelly, and other product packaging.
Print on a pallet of products as a group by using an inkjet printer with a traversing arm.

Plastic container printing/installation example

Printing example
Printing example
Installation example
Installation example

Installation example: Printing on multiple films

  • Printing on multi-target films
  • The print head can be mounted on a moving platform so that one print head can moved to mark a pallet of products as a group. Application such as this are made easy by implementing our group marking function.

    KEYENCE offers a complete proposals including stop time for existing lines, print head traversing distance, and installation location.

Solutions provided

  • Printing of expiration dates, best by dates, lot numbers, and more
  • Printing on uneven or curved surfaces
  • High-speed printing
  • Printing while transporting products on a conveyor
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