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Handheld labeler / label printing machine comparison

Handheld labeling equipment is popular for its high operability and ease of use, while label printers can offer user high flexibility to change print layout. This is why both devices are commonly used in supermarkets and other retail stores.
This section addresses some of the problems when using handheld labelers and label printers, as well as the advantages of using inkjet printers over these equipment.

Problems with labelers

With handheld labeler or a label printing machine, downtime is unavoidable when the labels run out. In addition, setting the print content and applying the label to the products must be done manually, creating more chances of operator mistakes and more work.
With an inkjet printer, the content is printed directly onto the target. This eliminates the need to physically apply labels as well as any related potential problems. Moreover, the non-contact printing method ensures stable print quality without any blurring or bleeding.

Comparing labelers to inkjet printers

Labelers Inkjet printers
  • Operating costs for the device are high
  • Direct printing eliminates the need for labels, thereby reducing costs.
  • Production may stop due to problems such as separator malfunction and jamming.
  • Increase production efficiency as labeling process can be eliminated altogether
  • There is a risk that labels will be incorrectly affixed or may peel off.
  • Non-contact printing provides stable print quality.
  • Label inventory management and waste disposal can be cumbersome.
  • Content can be printed directly onto the product for easy management.
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Inkjet printer application examples

Printing with a compact belt conveyor

  • Printing using a small belt conveyor
  • A date-printing station can be setup easily by using the inkjet printer with a 1-m long belt conveyor. Because you don't have to integrate the printer and conveyor, dates can be printed reliably once a minimum space is secured. Printing is possible on both the top and sides of products.

    The inkjet printer supports various products such as cartons (before/after assembly), bags (with/without contents), and bottles. Clear and reliable non-contact printing enables you to respond immediately to unexpected demand.

    KEYENCE inkjet printers can be customized according to the installation requirement to support any conveyor belt width and length, even if integrated constructions are required.

Printing during heat sealing

  • Printing during heat sealing
  • Printing can take place at the same time as heat-sealing is performed to close a bag container. Traditional contact marking has damaged this type of packaging. Inkjet printer which uses non-contact marking eliminates packaging damage while maintaining perfect marking.

    KEYENCE provides a comprehensive solution including inkjet printing systems with sensors that ensure stable detection on various film types such as transparent films and colored films.

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