Customer questionnaire results and frequently mentioned problems

Q1. We asked inkjet printer users...

What do you look for when selecting manufacturers and/or models?

The results revealed that over 80% of the respondents said ease of maintenance. On the other hand, a surprisingly small number of people gave initial cost as their response. The questionnaire shows that customers likely look to continuous inkjet printers to be reliable and trouble-free.

Selection criteria

  • No.1 Easy maintenance
  • No.2 Stable printing
  • No.3 Printing quality
  • No.4 Operability
  • No.5 Running costs
Selection criteria

Q2. We asked users who stick to the same manufacturer...

Why do you use the same manufacturer?

The major reason for using the same manufacturer is proven reputation! Astonishingly, nearly half the respondents gave this answer. The result shows users’ need for reliability. Looking at this from a different perspective, this may indicate incidents in the past that influence users need for failure-proof implementations.

  • Reasons for not changing models
    • No.1Proven use within company / To standardize the models used48%
    • No.2Support service19%
    • No.3Equipment and ink specifications10%
    • No.4Price of main unit8%
    • No.5Other15%
  • Reasons for not changing models
What the questionnaire tells us

Users look first for reliability in continuous inkjet printers.

  • Why is there such a high demand for reliability?

    • Nozzle clogged during long period without use
    • Print becomes unstable with a rise in temperature
    • Sporadic omissions due to machine vibration
    • Operator’s date mistake
    • Printing errors due to change in packing material

    Users may have experienced problems like these while using continuous inkjet printers.

  • What the questionnaire tells us

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