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Industrial inkjet printers are primarily used for printing best-before dates on food packaging.
These food packages include plastic beverage bottles, beer cans, packaging films and aluminum pouches that contain frozen foods, jam jars, and coated cartons. Industrial inkjet printers have also found use in other non-food applications such as printing extrusion-molded building materials, electrical and other cables, printing lot numbers on cosmetic products, and 2D codes on automobile and electronic components’ plated/painted surfaces.

  • Cosmetic container

    Cosmetic container
  • Food packaging

    Food packaging
  • Packing film

    Packing film
  • Dry battery

    Dry battery
  • Cable

  • Aluminum

  • PCB

  • Wood

  • Aluminum pouch

    Aluminum pouch
  • PET bottle

    PET bottle
  • Packing film

    Packing film
  • Plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle
  • Snack case

    Snack case
  • Snack packaging film

    Snack packaging film
  • Aluminum can

    Aluminum can
  • Resin bottle

    Resin bottle
  • Jar

  • LED

  • Black film

    Black film
  • Automotive parts

    Automotive parts
Print samples
  • Print samples
  • Print samples
  • Print samples
  • Print samples

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