Inkjet printing on cardboard boxes | Food, chemical, and cosmetics industries

Printing best by dates and lot numbers on cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and other packaging
Easy to install on a case sealer. The ability to adjust character spacing as desired ensures smooth checking with print inspection systems.

Cardboard box printing/installation example

Printing example
Printing example
Installation example
Installation example

Installation example: Dual-side printing on cardobard boxes

  • Double-sided printing on cardboard boxes
  • Dual-side printing can be performed by the inkjet printer for products that require printing on both sides. Changing print content for both sides simultaneously is easy and can be done using just a single touchscreen.

    When compared to roller-type stamping machines, inkjet printers offer clearer printing with no missing or faded characters. The ability to adjust throw distance, which is not available with on-demand types, eliminates damages that could have occured from print head coming into contact with cardboard.

Solutions provided

  • Printing expiration dates, best by dates, lot numbers, and more
  • Customizable character spacing
  • Inspect printing using a print inspection machine
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