Inkjet printing on PET bottles and other containers | Food, chemical, and cosmetics industries

Printing best by dates, lot numbers on PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and other beverage containers
The ability to print at a very high speed, even at several hundreds of bottles a minute. Inkjet printers can also be installed on a conveyor to print where bottles are being filled.

Beverage container printing/installation example

Printing example
Printing example
Installation example
Installation example

Installation example: Printing on a high-speed line

  • Printing on a high-speed line
  • KEYENCE inkjet printers can print at a high speed without sacrificing print quality, making them perfect for a high speed beverage lines, high speed filing lines, or any high speed production machines.

    These printers are capable of changing the arrangement of ink droplets on the fly, allowing them to print multiple rows of text at a high speed.

    KEYENCE inkjet printers can help increasing productivity that are not possible to do with stamping machines and other conventional contact-type printing methods.

Solutions provided

  • Printing of expiration dates, best by dates, lot numbers, and more
  • Printing on narrow, curved surfaces
  • High-speed printing
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