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"Place-and-Press" measurement is more versatile than ever with the new programmable, multi-purpose ring-light unit

Image Dimension Measuring System


Place-and-press measurement system

This contact height measurement unit reduces the time spent using separate measuring instruments for different measurement points and the effort spent in recording measurement results. The pattern search function can be used to automatically recognize and measure the height (depth) measurement points specified in advance. This function greatly reduces the time spent performing tasks related to measurement, such as the creation of operating procedures and the training of operators. In addition, strengthening measurement results can lead to improvements in the overall efficiency of measurement work.

  • Just place the target on the stage and press the button.
  • The probe performs automatic measurements.
  • The height measurement result is displayed.

Find the perfect lighting for your inspection in just one unit Equipped with the newly developed Programmable Ring Illumination Unit

Automatically find the optimal
lighting settings NEW

  • Select the feature to optimize for.
  • Measurements can be performed easily with the optimum settings.
Optimal lighting search function

Determining the best lighting technique for inspecting specific features is not always an easy task. The optimal lighting search function simplifies this by automatically trying various lighting techniques. Simply select the best option from the generated images and it will be saved so the feature will always be measured using the optimal lighting settings.

Multi-angle illumination

Measurement of molded plastic

  • Molded plastic (transparent illumination)
  • Molded plastic (multi-angle illumination, high)

Multi-field illumination

Measurement of a machined metal workpiece with low contrast

  • Metalworking workpiece (normal illumination)
  • Metalworking workpiece (multi-angle illumination, low)

Low-angle, dark-field illumination

Measurement of a curved surface of a machined metal workpiece

  • Machined metal workpiece (normal illumination)
  • Machined metal workpiece (slit ring illumination)

True “Place-and-Press” measurement Equipped with the newly developed Automatic Measurement Function

Automatic measurement function eliminates need for setup

This function brings new meaning to Place and Press inspection. Simple dimensions can be measured without any prior setup by simply selecting the types of measurements expected. This makes it possible for even the most novice users to start taking fast, accurate measurements.

  • Just place the target on the stage ... ... and select the measurements you wish to inspect.
  • Measurements can be performed easily with just a mouse.


IM-6000 Series Image Dimension Measuring System Wide-field/Programmable ring-illumination model Catalog

IM-6000 Series Image Dimension Measuring System Wide-field/Programmable ring-illumination model Catalog

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