Introducing KEYENCE’s static elimination gun capable of removing any foreign particle Powerful dust removal x Ultra-robust design NEWUltra-durable, High-power Static Elimination Gun
SJ-LG Series

Impressive dust removal performance 3× more powerful

The device’s Laval nozzle structure—which is also used in jet engine technology—pushes out air at supersonic speeds. Adding ions to this ultra-high-speed air helps not only remove foreign particles but also keep particles from re-adhering.

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Ultra-robust all-in-one design

The device’s ultra-rugged body is equipped with a rubber protector capable of withstanding strong impacts, preventing breakage even when the device is dropped from 2.0 m 6.6′. The long service life and highly durable design ensure the device can be used with confidence even in frequently used sites.

Drop resistance: 2.0 m 6.6′

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Automotive Industry

Removing dust and preventing defective coating before vehicle body painting

Electronic/Electrical Industries

Removing foreign particles after PCB mounting

Resin/Film/Glass Industries

Dust removal during maintenance/
changeover of a crusher/ hopper

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