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3D Inspection and Measurement SystemNo Data DropoutHigh Accuracy XYZQuick 3D Image Setup NEW Inline 3D Appearance and Dimension Inspection Image Processing System3D Vision Series

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Extremely accurate 2D & 3D inspection and measurement over the entire field of view

Field of View
60 mm 2.36"
1 μm
Time Between Inspections
0.6 sec
Solder Level OK3.607 mm2 0.006 in2
Fillet Width NG0.982 mm 0.04"
Assembled Position NGX +1.524 mm 0.06"
Y -0.249 mm 0.01"
Assembled Height OK10.894 mm 0.43"

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Hardware designed for high accuracy

9.44 megapixel CMOS image sensor for high-resolution images
In-head parallel processing that enables high-speed inline inspection
Large-diameter telecentric lens for high-accuracy full-scale inspection
4-transmitter RGB projector that imaging with no blind spots over the entire field of view

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Stable inline 3D inspection for a variety of applications and industries

Coiled Wire 3D inspection and measurement

Solder Appearance Inspection

Crimp Dimension Inspection

Resin Molding Appearance Inspection

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