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LK-G Series Displacement Sensor LR-T Series Presence Sensor

Laser displacement sensors need speed, accuracy and the capability to provide excellent performance in any application. By aiming for the world’s best in every aspect, KEYENCE's LK-G5000 is built with the latest cutting-edge technology.

  • Fastest in the World: 392kHz
  • Highest Accuracy in its Class: ±0.02%
  • Highest Repeatability in its Class: 0.005μm

The KEYENCE LR-T Series All-Purpose Laser Sensor combines several innovative features with long-range capabilities making it extremely versatile and simple to set up and operate.

  • Stable Detection up to 5m (16.4')
  • Industry-Leading Functionality
  • Unmatched Versatility and Usability
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LK-G Product Hardware
LR-T Product Hardware
The LK-G laser sensor instantly calculates values based on measurements obtained by one or more heads.  Perfect for standard displacement applications through flatness measurement, warpage measurement, multi-point thickness measurement and more! The LR-T Series utilizes Time of Flight sensing technology which allows for stable detection regardless of target surface color, texture, or finish. A compact, rugged, metal housing allows for reliable service in any environment. The KEYENCE LR-T Series is the New Standard in All-Purpose Laser Sensors.
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