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Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor

LK-G5000 series

Fast, accurate, and capable of measuring various targets. | World-Class performance in every aspect provides precision for any application.






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Stable measurement on any target

Automatically adjusts the laser light intensity to the optimal level according to real time feedback from the target.

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Variety of sensor heads available

Handle any measurement situation thanks to a lineup of more than 20 different sensor heads.

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World's fastest sampling rate

Because high speed sampling of up to 392 kHz is possible, measurement of high amplitude vibration is also possible.

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Case Studies

  • Measurement Sensors
    Learn how a company is revolutionize the way material is measured using laser displacement sensors (1D) instead of radioactive isotopes. Accurate thickness measurement is made possible with the hassle of licensing, leak test requirements and radioactive source disposal fees.

  • Measurement Sensors
    Auto Chassis International uses a custom-built tester to finely measure heat distortion on brake discs. The process is made complex by the fact that the discs rotate at high speed while requiring a measurement accuracy of 0.01 mm. KEYENCE´s LK-G CCD laser displacement sensor enables stable detection despite the glowing-hot reflective metal.

  • Displacement Sensors
    Piston rings at PSA are inspected using an automated system. Since being fitted with KEYENCE laser displacement sensors a few years ago, the system makes accurate and detailed on-line measurements.

  • Displacement Sensors
    Tata Steel Europe (whose former name was Corus) is the second largest steel producer in Europe. The parent company, Tata Steel is one of the top ten steel producers in the world. The total capacity of crude steel Group, which employs about 80,000 people on four continents, is over 28 million tons. Tata Steel Rail Division France has 508 people for a production of 456,000 tons of rails and sleepers in 2009. This division has over 150 years of experience in the rail. The products are designed for high-speed lines, conventional networks, heavily loaded routes, metro and urban tramways.


  • LJ-V7000 series - High-speed 2D Laser Profiler

    Measure the profile and shape of targets using the high-speed 2D laser profilers of the LJ-V7000 Series. By collecting height data across the laser line, this system makes 100% inspection possible for targets that alternative systems struggle with due to lack of contrast or glare. The sensor's blue laser and specialized CMOS offers a wide dynamic range, enabling measurement of targets with multiple surface types or colors - ranging from glass and metal to dark rubber. The high-speed sampling (up to 64kHz) enables parts to be measured during transportation, improving production efficiency. The LJ-V7000 Series sensors are also compatible with the controllers of the LJ-X8000 Series to perform 3D measurement and inspection.

  • CL-3000 series - Confocal Displacement Sensor

    CL-3000 Series confocal displacement sensors are compact 1D laser displacement sensors that use a unique method to ensure high-precision measurement on any material or surface. Using a confocal sensor enables stable measurement on materials ranging from dark rubber to clear films without having to adjust mounting or measurement settings. The sensors are designed with only the lens inside the heads, making them both compact and lightweight, which is ideal for installation in narrow spaces or on robots. All electronics are kept away from the measurement location in the optical unit, providing a stable result that is unaffected by heat or electrical noise. Equipped with features like quad spot processing and optical axis alignment, this series is well suited for a variety of industries and applications, including position or thickness measurement.

  • LK-G3000 series - High-Speed, High-Accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

    LK-G3000 Series laser displacement sensors employ high-accuracy Li-CCD and ernostar lensing to provide a flexible solution for measuring displacement. This series offers a broad range of sensor heads to support applications requiring high accuracy or large standoff and has a maximum range of 1 meter. The sensors are equipped with a function (ABLE) that automatically adjusts the settings to optimize the reflection from different surfaces, making it possible to measure translucent, rubber, or metal materials stably.

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