Confocal Displacement Sensor CL-3000 series

High-Precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface

High-precision measurement on all targets, with simple sensor head installation and program settings. CL-3000 Series ultra-compact coaxial laser displacement sensors address manufacturing challenges such as improving quality, preventing the shipment of defective parts and increasing production.

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • No influence from heat or electrical noise
  • High-precision measurement anywhere in the range

CL-3000 series - Confocal Displacement Sensor

CL-3000 Series confocal displacement sensors are compact 1D laser displacement sensors that use a unique method to ensure high-precision measurement on any material or surface. Using a confocal sensor enables stable measurement on materials ranging from dark rubber to clear films without having to adjust mounting or measurement settings. The sensors are designed with only the lens inside the heads, making them both compact and lightweight, which is ideal for installation in narrow spaces or on robots. All electronics are kept away from the measurement location in the optical unit, providing a stable result that is unaffected by heat or electrical noise. Equipped with features like quad spot processing and optical axis alignment, this series is well suited for a variety of industries and applications, including position or thickness measurement.


  • Glass

  • Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode Thickness

  • Pipe Inner Diameter Measurement

  • HDD Motor Run-Out and Head Height



The Multi-Color Confocal Method Allows for Performance Not Possible With Conventional Systems

Ultra-compact and lightweight

The compact sensor heads, including the industry’s smallest at ø8 mm ø0.31”, enable measurement almost anywhere. Utilize previously impossible installation locations, parallel mounting, and other once-unattainable benefits.

Accurate on curved, uneven, and rough surface

The CL-3000 uses multi-color confocal technology. With a wider measurement range and better angle characteristics, get high-accuracy measurement on any surface or shape without mounting concerns.

No influence from heat or electrical noise

The sensor head itself has zero electronic components, just lenses. This helps eliminate measurement error due to heat generation, electrical noise, or optical axis deviations.