Perfect Quality
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Perfect Quality
KEYENCE offers worldwide solutions to ensure quality production

As an automation technology firm with global operations, KEYENCE has been developing innovative technologies for over 40 years that help customers make high-quality products. The direct sales relationship we have with our customers means we know the detailed requirements they deal with in practice. The result is modern, economical and user-friendly solutions.

Perfect quality through innovative diversity
The entire spectrum of automation and testing technology
from a single source. A vast product offering to meet all challenges:

Performance meets simplicity
KEYENCE has been setting image processing standards for over 20 years:
  • With innovative products from our own research and development department
  • In cooperation with our customers, we are solving over 50000 applications yearly
  • 300 image processing specialists in 30 countries for competent consulting in all areas
XG-8000 Series

Ultra High-Speed, Multi-Camera, High-Performance Image Processing System

CV-X Series

Easy Setup, Auto-Teaching, Machine Vision System

CV-X Series

Easy Setup, Auto-Teaching, Machine Vision System

High accuracy using optical measurement technology
For more than 30 years, KEYENCE has been setting standards in
the area of precision measurement technology:
  • A complete product line from a single source – from laser triangulation sensors to telecentric LED micrometers as well as multi-wavelength interferometers
  • Continuous development, optimization and new product development
  • Over 200000 satisfied customers in 70 countries
  • Direct sales employees as competent partners worldwide ensure individual solutions to meet your requirements
LS-9000 Series

Optical LED Micrometer

TM-3000 Series


LJ-V Series

2D/3D In-line Profilometer

More than 10000 companies are successful with KEYENCE microscopes worldwide
  • Quick and accurate observation
  • Precise measurement in seconds
  • more detailed analysis of cause
  • Cause investigation – How did it happen?
IM series

Image Dimension Measuring System

VHX-5000 series

Digital Microscope

VR-3000 series

One-shot 3D Measuring Macroscope


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