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Image Dimension Measurement System

IM-6000 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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The images showcases our IM-6025 model, the unit that transformed the traditional optical comparator into today's visual inspection system designed for speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. With fixed telecentric lenses, advanced optics, and high-precision cameras, this system helped modernize the optical comparator and has helped countless companies significantly reduce inspection time and increase throughput.

IM-6000 series - Image Dimension Measurement System

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Image Dimension Measurement System
IM-8000 series

  • Three Times the Detection Performance of Conventional Models
  • Automatic Measurement on up to 300 Part Features in Seconds
  • 360° Rotary Fixture for Multi-surface Measurement

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IM-8000 series - Image Dimension Measurement System

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