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Selecting a Measurement Sensor

Height / Step Height

Height and height difference measurements can be performed with 1D, 2D, or 3D sensors. The best choice for an application will depend on the target material, how consistently it's positioned, and the surrounding environment. Check out some options for height measurement below, or request a free consultation with a local measurement expert.

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High-speed laser displacement sensors can check for valve float without touching the valve head.

Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor

LK-G5000 series

Small diameter heads allow for precise positioning of parts in tight areas.

Confocal Displacement Sensor

CL-3000 series

2D laser displacement sensors can measure both width and height, allowing for panel gaps to be accurately measured, regardless of the surface finish or color.

2D/3D Laser Profiler

LJ-X8000 series

2D Thrubeam sensors allow high-speed dimensional inspections to be taken on the silhouette of a part.

High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer

TM-3000 series

Check step heights on machined parts without influence from oil or other surface contamination.

High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor

GT2 series