Selecting a Vision System


Perform inspections for target presence, missing components, and differences between other products.

Electronic Assembly

Key inspection points

Detect coating and adhesives with advanced color extraction to improve product repeatability.

Acceptable image, Defective image, Defective image (after color extraction)

Multi-Spectrum Vision System
CV-X/XG-X Series

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Electronic Components

Key inspection points

Inspect low contrast or reflective electronic control units with 3D for stability in presence/absence detection of small components such as solder.

  • 2D image
  • 3D image

Inline 3D Inspection
XG-X Series

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Automotive Assembly

Key inspection points

Ensure complete and proper assembly of clutch plates and gearboxes with 3D inspection over a large field of view.

  • 3D image (color image)
  • 3D image (height image)

2D + 3D Inspection Capabilities
CV-X/XG-X Series

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Food and Packaging

Key inspection points

Consistently pack proper case counts with inspections using LumiTrax lighting over a large area.

  • OK image
  • NG image

Intuitive Vision System
CV-X Series

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