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Selecting a Measurement Sensor


The constant pressure for improved price-performance of semiconductors requires the industry to quickly adopt technologies that can drive efficiency. KEYENCE's precision sensors provide innovative solutions for inspecting workpieces and monitoring equipment, to help our customers deliver the highest quality components at competitive prices. Check out some of the proven solutions below.

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Detecting wafer notch position with a 2D laser profiler eliminates the risk of missing the notch when the wafer is slightly warped.

2D/3D Laser Profiler

LJ-X8000 series

The pitch of the saw wires can vary with temperature and the form of the main roller. Regular pitch measurement makes it easy to see when to replace rollers.

High-speed optical micrometer

LS-9000 series

Track stage position with a resolution of 1 nm using the SI-F1000 Series. The sensor head doesn't generate heat, so you can avoid any measurement or position error of the stage due to thermal expansion.

Micro-head Spectral-interference Laser Displacement Meter

SI-F series

Reduce reactive maintenance by inspecting dicing blade thickness at regular intervals. By checking more often, you can detect chipped edges in the thin blades prior to breakdown. By opposing two confocal sensors, you can reliably measure thickness around the blade edge without causing damage.

Confocal Displacement Sensor

CL-3000 series

By monitoring the home position of the end effector, you can detect minute changes before they cause a collision between the wafer and wafer carrier. Using a long range displacement sensor enables end effector position measurement through a viewport.

2D/3D Laser Profiler

LJ-X8000 series

Automate groove depth measurements using the WI-5000. The WI can measure mirrored or transparent surfaces without issue. By automating inspection, you can reduce cycle time and avoid common pitfalls of microscope measurements such as human error or inconsistent inspection location.

3D Interference Measurement Sensor

WI-5000 series

Measure the profile of a wafer edge. By selecting one of the inspection tools such as Height Difference/Width or Angle, users can start measurement easily. The ultrahigh-resolution image capturing using 3200 points/profile achieves highly accurate profile measurement that was impossible with conventional methods.

2D/3D Laser Profiler

LJ-X8000 series