KEYENCE - Setting the standard for code reading

Applications by Industry


Examples of Our Powerful and Versatile Barcode Readers


  • PC board

    PC board

    The SR Series can read barcodes printed on PC board regardless of vibration or irregular code location.

  • CRT


    Code reading is reliable even when codes are on curved surfaces due to geometric correction.

  • HDD


    The space-saving SR-700 can read codes on HDDs, automatically controlling the manufacture / inspection records of all inventory.

Automotive/Automotive Components

  • ECU


    The SR series can stably read different colored boards due to its multiple parameter banks and ability to choose the correct one.

  • Air bag inflator

    Air bag inflator

    Using a fixed mount reader rather than a handheld for air bag inspection can improve accuracy and efficiency.

  • Seat parts

    Seat parts

    Barcodes can be used to track the correct parts and ensure correct assembly when manufacturing a seat.


  • Wafer carriers

    Wafer carriers management

    Thanks to the auto gain correction function, the BL Series can reliably read PFA-coated barcode labels, even at extreme angles.

  • Wafer ring

    Wafer ring management

    A stable reading is ensured even for barcodes on ceramic labels or those marked by a laser.

  • Reticle cassettes

    Reticle cassettes management

    The compact body of the BL Series and SR-700 Series allows for more flexible mounting possibilities.


  • Filler mixing prevention

    Filler : Prevent mixing

    The barcode data is compared with the preset data, and a "matched" or "mismatched" signal can be output without a PC.

  • Cartoner mixing prevention

    Cartoner : Prevent mixing

    A reliable read is ensured even for barcodes with low PCS*, such as those on cardboard boxes.
    *Print Contrast Standard

  • GS1 DataBar check

    GS1 DataBar check

    SR series inspects printed GS1 DataBar.

Logistics/Material Handling

  • Automatic sorting

    Automatic sorting

    Reliably reads barcodes printed on cardboard boxes of different sizes or those with low print contrast.

  • Changeover


    The product number corresponding to the barcode can be output from the DV-90 data verifier, making product changeovers easy.

  • Quality check

    Quality check

    Print quality verification is available with each barcode read.

Lab Automation

  • Pipette tray verification

    Pipette tray verification

    The world's smallest barcode reader, the BL series, can be mounted in many tight spaces.

  • Test tube verification

    Test tube verification

    With its compact body and high speed reading capacity, the BL Series can easily read barcodes on quick-moving medical test tubes.

  • Rack verification

    Rack verification

    Despite the ultra-small body, just half the size of a business card, BL series offers a wide reading range. It can reliably read barcodes on test tube racks.

  • SR-X
  • SR-2000
  • SR-5000
  • HR-X