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Examples of Our Powerful and Versatile Barcode Readers

Ultra Compact 2D Code Reader: SR-700 Examples

  • Serial control of printed-circuit boards

    Serial control of printed-circuit boards

    The SR-700 can stably read different colored boards due to its multiple parameter banks and ability to choose the correct one.

  • Traceability control of HDD parts

    Traceability control of HDD parts

    The space-saving SR-700 can read codes on HDDs, automatically controlling the manufacture / inspection records of all inventory.

  • Automatic reading of Kanban

    Automatic reading of Kanban

    The SR-700 reads 2D codes for Kanban applications. Thanks to its excellent angle characteristics, it can even read inclined codes.

Hi-speed Digital Laser Barcode Readers: BL-1300 Examples

  • PC board : Traceability

    PC board : Traceability

    The SR Series can read barcodes printed on PC board regardless of vibration or irregular code location.

  • Wafer carriers management

    Wafer carriers management

    Thanks to the AGC function, the BL-1300 can reliably read PFA-coated barcode labels even at extreme angles.

  • Verification of test tubes

    Verification of test tubes

    With its compact body and high speed reading capability, the BL-1300 can easily read the barcodes on medical test tubes.

  • Wafer Carriers

    Wafer Carriers

    The Auto Gain Control function (AGC) ensures that even Teflon® coated bar codes are reliably read.

  • Wafers


    A stable reading is ensured even for bar codes on ceramic labels or those written by a laser marker.

Ultra-long range, Laser Type: BL-700 Examples

  • Automatic sorting

    Automatic sorting

    Reliably reads barcodes printed on cardboard boxes of different sizes or those with low print contrast.

  • Engine block

    Engine block

    The Auto Gain Control function (AGC) guarantees a reliable read even if the bar code labels are dirty or dusty.

  • CRT production process

    CRT production process

    Code reading is reliable even when barcodes are on curved surfaces due to geometric correction.

Ultra-small, CCD Type: BL-180 Examples

  • Medical applications

    Medical applications

    Despite the ultra-small body, just half the size of a business card, the BL-180 Series offers a wide reading range. It can reliably read bar codes on specimen containers.

  • Shelf management

    Shelf management

    The compact body can be mounted easily anywhere on the shelf.

  • Automatic slip reading

    Automatic slip reading

    Item slips are automatically read when they are inserted in the case. Workability is greatly improved.

CCD Handheld Type: BL-N70 Examples

  • Simple Changeover

    Simple Changeover

    The BL-N70 Series and DV-90 ID controller can simplify product changeover and eliminate the need for complex PLC programming.

  • Component Assembly

    Component Assembly

    Using the BL-N70 Series barcode data can be sent directly to a PLC or DV-90 to determine correct component selection.

  • Ensuring Proper Mixture of Chemicals

    Ensuring Proper Mixture of Chemicals

    BL-N70 and DV-90 can scan up to 3 different batch components to match a single recipe. An alarm indicates incorrect chemicals.

Auto ID Data Controller: DV-90 Examples

  • Package Check

    Package Check

    Preventing different products from being mixed in a packaging machine.

  • Assembly Instructions

    Assembly Instructions

    Giving assembly directions in an assembly process.

Barcode Display Interface: BL-V35E Examples

  • Checking for the mixing of different products

    Wafer Carriers

    The bar code data is compared with the preset data, and a "matched" or "unmatched" signal can be output without a PC.

  • Changeover

    Printed circuit boards

    The bar code data can be sent directly to a PLC.

  • Operator Instructions


    The bar code data can be sent directly to a PLC without any complicated communication programming.

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  • SR-2000
  • SR-5000
  • HR-X