Office Environment

Office Environment

At KEYENCE you will find our office spaces are designed similarly whether you're visiting Headquarters or our 39+ sales offices around the country. Each office space is designed to promote open-communication, accessibiliity to anyone one in the office, and with all necessary resources for our employees to be successful.

Do competitions motivate you?

In addition to creating space for our employees to be successful, each office has a unique office culture with additional ways to encourage and incentivize teamwork. Our sales members will have both individual and office competitions each month for a chance to be recognized and earn additional incentive for being a competition winner!

Have you heard the term "ABC"?

At KEYENCE, we embrace the "ABC" or "Always Be Closing" mindset! Closing days are high energy, exciting days in our sales offices where each office does things a little bit differently but office camaraderie is at its highest. Individual, team, and office achievements are celebrated throughout the day and across sales lines.