Optimal inspection imaging compatible with your existing software. NEW GigE camera and lighting for PC-based machine vision VJ Series

  • High-speed control of 8-color lighting
  • High-speed control of directional lighting
  • High-speed control of striped pattern lighting
  • Simultaneous 2D/3D inspection
  • High-precision 3D capture of the entire field of view
  • Wide-field 3D capture up to 1.26 m 4.1'

Designed to integrate with existing systems

Major supported software*

  • VisionPro
  • LabVIEW
  • OpenCV
  • NeuroCheck
  • Common Vision Blox
  • Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)
  • *
    Operation not guaranteed under all conditions.

The VJ Series software development environment is compatible with GenICam. It is possible to deploy the VJ Series to the existing environment without any modifications to the existing system. Compatibility with the NBase-T (2.5 G) communication standard makes high speed transfer of large images possible.