Pattern projection lighting

Simultaneous 2D/3D inspection
Fusion of 2D and 3D images for unprecedented, stable detection

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By synchronizing the lighting and the camera at high speed, 3D images can be acquired in addition to the conventional 2D images, leading to overwhelming inspection stability.

Pattern Projection Processing Principle

Pattern projection accurately captures target appearance

Multiple stripe patterns are projected at high speed. An ultrahigh-speed CMOS sensor and processor analyse the light reflected from the targets in real-time to generate a 3D image.

Multiple core processors to maximize performance

Enables inspection without influence from target surface conditions or contrast, by adding height data to conventional 2D inspection. Dramatically improves inline inspection stability.


Rotator fin breakage inspection

No impact from complex backgrounds or material colors when using height data.

Transmission assembly and sealant inspection

Inspect for presence of sealant or gaps with plentiful 3D inspection tools, and for assembly component presence with 3D detection tools.