Multi-spectrum lighting

High-speed control of 8-color lighting
Accurately captures even the slightest color and contrast differences

High-speed synchronization of the CMOS sensor and 8-color illumination make it possible to detect Variations that were previously undetectable with conventional cameras.

Multi-Spectrum Mode Processing Principles

Color camera

The imaging element receives white light reflected from the target through a color filter. This data is then used to create a color image.

Multi-spectrum image capture

A color inspection is performed by analyzing the color for each pixel, based on the grayscale images created by imaging 8 times while changing the wavelength each time.

Advantages of Multi-Spectrum Image Capture

  • Wide range of wavelengths enables easy detection of subtle color differences
  • Real-time processing for the 8 wavelength-specific images
  • As easy to use as a color camera

Multi-spectrum lighting wavelength property data


Multi-spectrum imaging to differentiate subtle color differences

Debris within automotive parts

Specific colors can be extracted from similar colorings.

Shape images and texture images can also be created by illuminating each of the 8 individual color LEDs separately (LumiTrax™ mode)

Inspection of text on film

Imaging with only text clearly captured is possible.