LumiTrax™ lighting

High-speed control of directional lighting
Accurately extracts surface features and defects

Using high-speed synchronization of the CMOS sensor and lighting direction, this imaging method generates shape (irregularity) images and texture (surface pattern) images by analyzing multiple image captures illuminated from different directions.

LumiTrax™ Mode Processing Principles

Illumination from different directions and image capture performed at ultra-high speeds

The brightness of depressed locations changes according to the direction of the lighting.
Patterned areas are flat, so there is little change in brightness.

The changes in light intensity of each pixel among the different images are analyzed to split the shapes (irregularities) and textures (pattern) into separate images.


Shape images to visualize uneven surfaces

Inspection of markings on metal casting surfaces

Engraved portions are emphasized using the larger irregularity information from within a random cast surface.

Texture images that clearly capture pattern

Inspection of text on film

Removes glare which can negatively affect inspections to stabilize the inspection process.