LED Lighting Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-D Series

High-Intensity, Large Bar Lights Large bar lights that can be used with long working distances or wide areas.

Built-in conical reflectors allow long light working distances.

To make a high-output LED light, first, the high-intensity LEDs are positioned in a dense, staggered arrangement. Furthermore, by using conical reflectors, it is possible to make use of all of the light generated by the LEDs. This enables high-intensity lighting with a long light working distance, which was difficult with conventional LED lights. Also, a mirror surface finish is applied to the entire lighting area, which enables effective use of the illumination that is reflected inside of the light by the protective cover or diffusion plate. When not using a diffusion plate, light with sufficient brightness can be emitted from a distance of 3000 mm 118.11". *

  • *Confirm in advance whether the light intensity is sufficient for the actual usage environment.

Conical reflectors