LED Lighting Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-D Series

High-Intensity LumiTraxTM Lights High intensity lighting with LumiTraxTM capability.

Construction and imaging examples

Strobe lighting with a high-output LED

The LumiTraxTM lights are constructed with 8 light segments. Depending on the LumiTraxTM settings, 4 or 8 segments are emitted individually during the image capturing process. When used for standard lighting, all segments can be emitted simultaneously for high-intensity lighting.

LumiTraxTM imaging is supported by the XG-X2000/CV-X400 Series. When not performing LumiTraxTM imaging, these lights can only be used with all the segments lit. For detailed information on device combinations, contact your nearest KEYENCE representative.

1/4 of the ring is lit.

Imaging examples using the LumiTraxTM function

Chip inspection on a metal surface

Factors such as remaining cleaning agent, dirt, and minor hairline fractures are canceled so that only deep defects such as scratches and chips are detected.

Printing defect inspection

Images in which only the dents or chips are extracted are created without being affected by the complex printed background.

Printed character inspection on a film surface

Glare, which affects inspections negatively, is eliminated to enable stable inspections.