Learn the Basics of Industrial Continuous Inkjet Coders [IJP Central]

This comprehensive learning site offers basic knowledge about industrial inkjet printers, including everything from printing principles and internal structure to practical know-how that covers real-life applications and how to handle the equipment.

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About Coding

Why is coding necessary? What types of coding are there? This section provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the basics of coding.

What is an Inkjet Coder / Inkjet Printer

This section details inkjet coders, from the marking principles to the internal structure. Learn about the technical aspects of industrial continuous inkjet coders and On-demand inkjet printers.

About Ink

This section explains the characteristics of each ink. Find the best type of inkjet printer for your products.

Continuous Inkjet Coder/Printer Applications

Read about some coding applications by industry and examples of improvement in various production lines achieved by introducing a continuous inkjet coder.

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