Automobile, metal, and other industries

Market trends

Market trends

Traceability is a key issue in the automobile industry where component failure can lead to fatal accidents. As a solution to ensure traceability, inkjet printers and laser markers have been broadly adopted for non-contact indelible marking.

More suppliers are using inkjet printers to print clearly readable identification numbers and rank marks on components to prevent erroneous assembly against the backdrop of the recent trend of parts standardization.
Aside from the automobile industry, thanks to the ability to provide clear, clean printing on any shape or material, inkjet printing is also used on a wide variety of materials, including metal, wood and resins.

Real-life applications

Real-life applications

  • Engine blocks, timing belts, connectors, glass, paper tubes, and films

    • Wood

    • Aluminum

      Aluminum material


  • Lot number printing, rank printing, ID logos and ID marks, barcodes, 2D codes, and fill printing

    • Metal component

      Metal component
    • Cable

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