What is Barcode/Two-dimensional Code Verification?

“Barcode verification” refers to checking the marking quality of CODE39, CODE128, and EAN barcodes. Barcodes are used in a variety of fields such as FA, distribution, food, wholesale, and medical products.

“Two-dimensional code verification” refers to checking the marking quality of DataMatrix symbols and QR code symbols. Two-dimensional codes have spread to a wide variety of fields, and there are many cases in which the same two-dimensional code is read at multiple work sites.
Examples include between automotive parts suppliers and automobile manufacturers, between medicine manufacturers and pharmacies, and between smartphone module manufacturers and assembly manufacturers.

Two-dimensional codes are marked on key parts at the part or module manufacturer and are read at the assembly manufacturer. This makes it possible to obtain information such as the product characteristics and serial number, which is put to use in maintaining production and quality.

Barcodes or two-dimensional codes that are difficult to read hinder productivity. Various code verification standards have been developed as quantitative guidelines aimed at eliminating this problem.