Measurements Grouped by Work

Pre-shipping Inspections

Does the accuracy meet the requirements of the customer?
Pre-shipping Inspections
Pre-shipping Inspections
Measurements performed according to a common standard

In pre-shipping inspections, it is necessary to accurately check whether the dimensions match the specifications in a limited amount of time.

Examples of Measuring Instruments Used

  • Vernier calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Gauge blocks
  • Optical CMMs
  • Coordinate measuring machines

Key Points for Selecting a Measuring Instrument

  • Select the measuring instrument based on consideration of the accuracy required by the customer.
  • Select a durable instrument that can be easily handled by anyone.

Precautions for Measurements

  • Vernier calipers, which can be conveniently used to perform measurements, are sometimes used when inspecting metal parts and such in the limited time available before shipping. Checking for required accuracy and ensuring that there are no potential problems after shipping are critical.
  • Measuring instruments are used frequently during pre-shipping inspections. As such, it is essential to manage the measuring instruments to prevent degradations in accuracy. It is necessary not only to check the instruments before use and to clean them after use, but also to establish organizational rules for storing and using instruments as well as other necessary rules.
  • When using Vernier calipers, rushing while taking measurements when there is little time can lead to incorrect measurements, such as those caused by tilted measurement surfaces. Furthermore, if the micrometer scale is not read from straight above, parallax may result in the value being read inaccurately. In either case, mastering correct measurement methods and strictly following those methods are essential.