Selecting a Measurement System

Selecting by Cost

High Low Optical CMMs Image dimension measurement systems Micrometers Vernier calipers, dial gauges, height gauges Rulers, tape measures

Rulers and tape measures are typical low-cost tools. However, they are essential items for manufacturing worksites. Vernier calipers are also relatively low-cost measuring instruments and are useful for measurements in units of 0.1 mm.
Dial gauges and height gauges are slightly more expensive, but they can measure in units of 0.01 mm.
Micrometers have a wide price range and can be selected according to the desired purpose or accuracy of measurement.
In recent years, a number of digital measuring machines have been produced to ensure precision measurement. Some image dimension measurement systems and optical CMMs are expensive. Measuring instruments span across a broad range of costs from low to high, and should be appropriately selected according to the measurement target, application, and desired accuracy.