Electronics and device industries

Market trends

Market trends

Electronic parts used in household appliances are printed with lot numbers to manage production tracking records. Non-contact printing by inkjet printers has been widely adopted for printing electronic parts as they do not tolerate damage.
Components used in now commonplace smartphones and tablets are tiny and loaded with information―more suppliers are using 2D codes to print these components.
Inkjet printers make an ideal way to effortlessly create and print 2D codes on components.

Real-life applications

Real-life applications

  • Plastics, ceramics, metals, hard plastics, plated surfaces, IC chips, PCBs, electric and electronic parts, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, radios, televisions, home appliances, CDs and DVDs, chip cards, telephone cards, and capacitors

    • LED

    • Dry battery

      Dry battery


  • Lot number printing, barcode/2D code printing, logos and ID marks

    • PCB

    • Capacitor

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