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Overview and Case Study

Logistics is the flow of transferring goods and products from the producer to consumers. Transportation plays an important role in logistics. This section introduces the types of improvements and streamlining that can be made at the forefront of the transportation industry.

Case Study for Cargo Sorting in Commercial Aircraft

This case study introduces a sorting line for airport luggage as an actual example of using code readers in the transportation industry at the forefront of logistics.

Scan Every Direction with Seven Code Readers

Lines to sort passenger luggage can be automated using barcode tags and code readers because luggage must be sorted by target aircraft without mistakes in the limited amount of time until take-off. In worksites where an emphasis is placed on quickly and accurately sorting items, perform scanning from every direction by installing seven code readers along the conveyor belt that feeds luggage in a tunnel shape with code readers placed front/back, left/right, and top/bottom. In this way, barcode tags can be read at high speeds regardless of the position of the luggage.

Normally, the bottom is the blind spot for luggage placed on the conveyor and carried on the line. However, 6-surface reading is possible in this case because the code reader can illuminate the luggage from slits in the connected surfaces of the conveyor belt to allow for mistake-free scanning regardless of the state of the luggage.

6-Surface Reading

6-Surface Reading