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Coding Examples by Industry


Market trend

Market trend

Recently there has been an upward trend in regulations that dictate the print quality on consumer products. Whether traceability for industrial production, or expiration dates for food packaging, these marks are held to a certain quality standard. Many of the marking needs for said companies are best met by inkjet coding. This technology is equipped to provide fast, and legible marks to ensure that standards are met, while accomodating speed of production. This is ideal for marking lot codes, date codes, serial numbers, expiration dates, and country of origin codes.

Example of products/applications

Example of products

Carton, pillow bag, beverage can, plastic bottle for beverage, glass bottle for beverage, labels, flexible packaging, rigid plastic, paper container, pouch, carton container for liquid, dairy product, powered beverage, fresh vegetable, fruit, meat, dry food, biscuit, cake, chocolate, candy, soft drink, fruit drink, wine, spirits, mineral water, milk, beer

  • Bottle cap

    Bottle cap

  • Packaging film

    Packaging film

Example of application

Open-date, expiration date, printing lot number, printing serial number, printing time of filling, printing filling time, printing line name, ingredients list, logo, barcode, 2D code

  • Plastic bottle

    Plastic bottle

  • Glass bottle

    Glass bottle


Market trend

Market trend

The electronics industry is growing now faster than ever. With the introduction of smart phones and other cutting edge technologies, the demand for the manufacturing of these parts is steadily increasing. To identify and track the individual components of these devices 2D and human readable codes are implemented. Inkjet printing is a fast and easy way to create readable codes on sensitive electronic components without damaging them due to the non-contact nature of IJP marking.

Example of products/applications

Example of products

Plastics, ceramics, metal, rigid plastic, plated surface, IC chip, PCB, electric/electronic parts, electric bulb, fluorescent bulb, radio, TV, home electronics, CD, DVD disc, chip card, telephone card, capacitor

  • LED electric bulb

    LED electric bulb

  • Household battery

    Household battery

Application example

Printing lot number, printing barcode/2D code, printing logo/identification mark

  • PCB


  • Capacitor



Market trend

Market trend

Part marking for industrial use and consumption is very necessary and highly regulated due to the nature of the industry. In the automotive industry defective parts can prove quite costly, whether it is recalls or even loss of life and limb. Inkjet Printers have been implemented to offer identification numbers to prevent incorrect assembly, and tracking numbers to locate part recalls if necessary. The challenge of industrial marking is that parts of different shape, size, and material make-up are used. IJP provides a marking technology that is high contrast with working distance flexibility, making it a perfect fit for heavy industrial marking.

Example of products/applications

Example of products

Engine block, timing belt, connector, glass, paper tube, film

  • Building timber

    Building timber

  • Aluminum plate

    Aluminum plate

Application example

Marking lot number, marking rank, marking identification mark, marking logo/barcode/2D code, filled marking

  • Metal parts

    Metal parts

  • Cable


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