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Customer Testimonials - Eccentricity

Case: 1 Eccentricity Measurement of Rollers

Eccentricity Measurement of Rollers
Industry Resin and Rubber Industry
Application Eccentricity Measurement of Rollers
Model Adopted LS-9000 SeriesView Catalog
We used a dial gauge. Since the scale was read with human eyes, minute changes might be overlooked at faster rotation speed. We were also worried about damages to the roller surface from the contact.
KEYENCE's LS Series ensures reliable, accurate inspection and eliminates the worries involved with human inspection.
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Measurement of rollers is one of the most popular applications of the LS Series because of its ability to produce stable measured values without being affected by different materials with varied surface conditions. By measuring both ends of the roller, you can measure inclination as well as eccentricity.